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During the winter of 2022, the biggest event in football was approaching. But we weren't official sponsors of the event - which meant that we weren't allowed to talk about it. So we decided to made the world talk about us by taking the sport out of the world. 

We chose seven fans to play alongside Luis Figo in a record-breaking zero-gravity match. The stunt involved creating a specially engineered field inside an A310 aircraft which flew over a span of 16 parabolas at over 20,000 ft above sea level.

A never-before-seen feat in sports and entertainment with more than 233M impressions, 5200 articles, 3500 posts and 6.6B gross reach.


Guinnes World Record;

Epica: 1 Bronze, 1 Shortlist;

Lynx Dubai: 1 Bronze, 1 Shortlist;

One Show: 3 Shortlist;

New York Festival: 1 Silver, 1 Finalist;

MAD STARS: 2 Crystal, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze


Featured in top-tier titles across international markets including:

The Guardians, CNN, BBC, Sky Sport, ESPN, wallstreetonline, abcnews, Fox News, USA Today, EUROSPORT, Bloomberg, Independent, Reuters, Muse, NBC News, Al Jazeera, Time Out,

NBC Boston

AD . Giovanni Scopece, Francesco Negri  CD . Nayaab Rais, Josephine Younes  CCO . Federico Fanti

Agency . FP7 McCann, Dubai

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