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An online retail campaign to highlight the comfort and convenience of the Samsung Online Store. Which will then generate peace of mind. ​


A continuation of the momentum from “From our store, to your door” campaign (Covid Phase 1) - where we encouraged audiences to improve their homes with Samsung products by introducing them to the products and their features.


During this phase (Covid Phase 2 in Singapore), our entry point is the emotional benefit you gain from Samsung products in the home. ​ Whether it’s quality family time, a delicious meal, the comfort of a cosy home, the happy moments that come as a result from our products.




This campaign has performed really well with an achievement Rate vs target set and a Growth Rate vs last year in all the SEA market. ​ And I became a stocks images Ninja.

FB collection 01.jpg
FB collection 02.jpg
FB collection 03.jpg
FB collection 04.jpg
FB collection 05.jpg
FB collection 06.jpg
FB collection 07.jpg
FB collection 08.jpg
FB collection 09.jpg
TV Banner 04.jpg
TV Banner 03.jpg
LaundryM Banner 03.jpg
LaundryM Banner 04.jpg
MicroW Banner 03.jpg
MicroW Banner 04.jpg
VacuumC Banner 04.jpg
VacuumC Banner 03.jpg
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