Lots of things can go easily wrong while conquering peaks and bottoms in the nature.

These geolocation equipped socks send out SOS calls to nearby rescue teams if your heart rate reaches your personal critical stage. Possible by the technological advancement of interchangeable chips with lithium polymer batteries.


Art Director . Mubarak Nojimudeen, 

Giovanni Scopece, Caspar Persson                Copywriter . Irakli Baski Asatiani   


Director . Niklas Frings-Rupp, Miami Ad School Hamburg                             


Future Lions Shortlist

If you ever get stuck between a cliff and boulder, you won’t need to create a full feature film about your survival.

This pattern contains 2 identical and symmetrical curl lines that stand for waves that shape an underwater cavern wherein is visible a circle to represent the user and his/her position when he/she is diving.

A pattern with 3D stones represented in different sized and shapes that stand for fresh snow hills and a circle for the user and his/her position when he/she is snowboarding.

The above pattern contains mountains shapes and parallel lines to represent the canyon holes and a circle  for the user and his/her position when he/she is hiking or climbing.

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